Spring Semester START!
We believe “Music and Smile” will make us Happy.
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♪Trial lesson form♪

To schedule a trial lesson, please fill in the blank as bellow link.
Trial and query form , We will email you back for the confirmation.
*The schedule will be confirmed on a space-available basis. Thank you for your kind understanding!

< Class Schedule  10 (4 in summer) by weekly 45 min studio based lesson, and 30-minute Zoom lesson, 15-minute storybook time, chatting time etc,
<  Spring Semester > Tambourine collection/ Apr.19 to Jul. 16, 2022

< Morishita/ Kiyosumishirakawa > ♪Trial lesson form♪
◯ Thursday     17:30 mixed age class
◯ Thursday     18:30 mixed age class
◯ Friday          10:00 mixed age class
◯ Saturday      09:00 mixed age class
◯ Saturday      10:00 mixed age class
◯ Saturday      11:00 mixed age class

Chez Claude1F 1-5-4, Morishita, Koto-ku, TOKYO
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NEW <Tsukiji>♪Trial lesson form♪
◯ Wednesday 10:00 mixed age class
Studio EntradaTSUKIJI  DainiChuo build 1F, 3-11-5 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, TOKYO

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< Kachidoki / Tsukishima > ♪Trial lesson form♪
◯ Friday 10:00 mixed age class(March 13th- trial lesson)
◯ Friday 18:30 mixed age class

203 private studio Meson Sugiyama 1F, 3-30-5 Tsukishima, Chuo-ku, TOKYO
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< Hirai >  ♪Trial lesson form♪
◯ Wednesday     18:30-Studio based / 19:00- ONLINE mixed age class

Rental Studio Spangle 2F 4-14-5 Hirai Edogawa-ku, TOKYO
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◯ Tuesday     10:00- mixed age class
◯ Wednesday 19:00- mixed age class
◯ Friday 11:30- mixed age class
◯ Saturday      10:00- mixed age class

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< What’s Music Together® > Click Here to Global Website

Music Together is an internationally recognized music program for children from birth through age 6—and the grownups who love them.
Parents, primary caregivers, early childhood professionals—everyone is involved in the educational process.
First offered to the public in 1987, we’ve always been pioneers in the field of early childhood music with truly innovative, high-quality music education and outreach programs that redefine what musical means.
We’re research-based, so we know our stuff and we’re good at what we do. But we’re also down to earth, accessible, and all about having a good time.
It’s a balance that makes us both serious and fun. What can we say? We’re serious about having fun!

< Event >

Ariake Miraie Event) March schedule will be fixed soon.

Outdoor Lesson) 
Halloween, Picknick

< Contact >

Kana Kitahara(Ms.)

E-mail: info☆musictogetherlegato.com  ※please change ☆to @ ,when you send me your e-mail.

♪Trial lesson form♪